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1 Hussan Bano Civil Judge/IQ/Judge Family Court-I, Swat 02-03-2015 to 30-05-2015 Other Leave

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Labour Law
West Pakistan Ordinance XXXII of 1958

THE WEST PAKISTAN MATERNITY BENEFIT ORDINANCE, 1958. [22nd December, 1958]. An Ordinance to consolidate the law relating to employment of women in factories in the Province of West Pakistan.

Court Fees Act, 1870
1(Act VII of 1870)
[11th March, 1870]

This Act may be called the Court -fees Act, 1870. It extends to 2[the whole of Pakistan]. And it shall come into force on the first day of April, 1870.

The Police Act, 1861
(Act V of 1861).
[22nd At arch, 1861].
An Act for the Regulation of Police

The following words and expressions in this Act shall have the meaning assigned to them, unless there be something in the subject or context repugnant to such construction

Land Acquisition (Mines) Act, 1885
(Act No. XVTTT of 1885)
[16th October, 1885]

An Act to provide for cases in which mines or minerals are situate under land which it is desired to acquire underĀ 2 Land Acquisition Act, 1870].


District Courts, Swat Gulkada, KPK, Pakistan

In the year 1935 in District Swat the first Wali of Swat, was the ruler and at that time this was the Rewaj that in case of death only the male was entitled to get the entire legacy of his father etc, and the female were not entitled to get any share in the legacy of their father.That in 1935 the Swat was under the ruler-ship of first Wali and the time limitation for institution any suit in respect of inheritance too was 20-years in District Swat prior to 1969 the Rewaji Law was applicable and that was an approved law, recognized by the British Empire in 3rd May, 1926, continued the same till 15th August, 1969.when the Merger Regulation was issues vide WP Regulation No.I of 1969, which is commonly known Dir, Chitral and Swat (Administration) Regulation, 1969. Vide this regulation under section 7 all laws including Regulations, Orders, Rules, Notifications and Customs having the force of law, with respect to any matter within the legislative competence of the Provincial Legislature, as were enforce in the specified territories or any part thereof, immediately before the commencement of this Regulation shall, so far as applicable, continue enforce, until altered, repelled, or amended by the competent authority. the said Rewaj was continued to be enforced uptill15-01-1976, when Regulation No.I of 1976 has been extended vide which the West Pakistan Muslim Personal Law, Shariat Application Act, was extended to the District Swat. under the Islamic Law the Women will institute her suit within fifteen years.The brief history in respect of the Trial Areas is as under: Read more


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